2 All Beef Smash Patties, 2 Slices American Cheese,
Smokey Onion Marmalade,Dill Pickles,
BB Classic Sauce
on a Toasted Potato Bun.


Restaurateur Luke Tabit and Celebrity Chef Brad Miller have been best burger buds for years. When they opened their first restaurant together in 2014, the burger on their menu quickly garnered attention and was considered one of the best burgers in L.A. Eager to collaborate on something new, they started brainstorming ways to combine their expertise. Then it hit them. Let’s do some- thing we both love…burgers!!! Excited and energized, they got to work on what would take 6 months to perfect. Over 24 different buns were brought in from all over the country. 8 different beef blends were tried with 10 different grinds, 20 different cheeses, 19 different pickles and 9 versions of what is now the Burger Boy Signature Sauce. Born from this hard work and dedication is the Original Burger Boy. Two fresh ground smash patties (our signature blend of chuck and short rib), two slices of American cheese, dill pickles, Burger Boy Signature Sauce and smokey caramelized onion jam on a soft potato bun.